15 Photo Custom Keychains Album Camera Film Roll Keychain MultiPhoto Key Rings Vintage Retro Unique Gift for Birthday Lover

Price: 17,10

About this item:
❤ *HOW TO SEND PICTURE❤ : 15-30 photos can be customized. 
After placing an order, please click “contact” to contact us. And send pictures.
Precautions for photo selection:
Because the product is small, please choose a clear photo that can reflect the main body. Too small photos can’t see the details.

❤ COLLECTING SWEET MEMORIES ❤ If time can be collected, perhaps the custom keychain with picture is the best memory carrier.Use the unique retro customized picture keychain way to freeze those touching moments on film roll keychain.
❤ BRAND EXCELLENT PRINTING ❤ Excellent 3D printing technology, imported film, daily waterproof, non-waterproof film will fade and blur in a few months.Although it is a film keychain, it also needs high-end quality.
❤ SPECIAL GIFT FOR SOMEONE CLOSE❤ Whether it be a beloved pet or grandparents, Dad, Mom, or a picture of the grandchildren, boyfriend, girlfriend couple, an engraved photo custom camera film roll keychain makes an excellent but inexpensive gift.
❤CUSTOMIZED EXCLLUSIVE MEMORIES ❤ Personalized photo film roll keychains can be the best gift for a Birthday, Anniversary gifts, Wedding gift, Memorial, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, Friends gifts.

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