1pcs Outdoor Hunting Stainless Steel Fishing Dart Reel Accessories Removable Multifunction Gadgets Easy To Carry High Quality

Price: 5,44 - 4,36

Made of stainless steel material, very durable.
Practical and portable.
It is a good choice for those who like to fish.
The fishing arrow is removable for easy storage.

Name: fishing dart
Material: Stainless steel
Color: silver
Overall length: 142mm
Dart head length: 62mm
Dart head diameter: 6.2mm
Dart handle diameter: 4.5mm
Dart cap diameter: 6.5mm
Weight: 30.1g

Applicable products: suitable for slingshots and bows, fishing reels
How to use: Fix a fishing line at the end of the dart, carry the slingshot/bow with you, and you can go fishing.

Product List
1 fish darts

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