7 Pcs New Mirror Wall Sticker Unique Design Stickers Decal Living Room Home Decor DIY Creative Modern Background Wall Decoration

Price: 6,00 - 3,00

Basic Information:


Weight: 42g

Color: Silver/Gold

Material: Acrylic


Simple and convenient, free to combine, can maintain bright colors for a long time, high viscosity and not easy to fall off, making the walls colorful and full of business! ! It is an ideal DIY beautification decoration product, beautiful and durable.

Home decoration, children’s fun, mirror beautification, safe material, not easy to break, new home fashion consumption concept


1.To decorate your home, office, hotel,bathroom garden and so on.

2.Home Decoration, Kids Room Decoration, Wedding Decoration, etc.


1.The mirror sticker is a three-dimensional wall sticker. The mirror material cannot be folded or rolled. It is afraid of scratching and scratching. Please be sure to peel off the protective film after it is applied

2.Color Mismatch:Differences in color may be caused by some other reflection in the monitor,lighting,background etc.Please understand.

3.Various sizes can be customized for you according to your requirements
4.Manual measurement, please allow slight dimensional errors. The picture is for reference only, not the actual size.

have any question, please let us know. It is our pleasure to offer the service for you.Thank you!


1.Question: How to install?

Answer : 1. Please keep the wall clean before pasting.

2. First place the product according to the template on the ground.

3. It is recommended to use a small piece of composition to test whether it is suitable for the wall.

4. The product can be used repeatedly, please use other adhesives when you use it again.

5. Press firmly to squeeze out the bubbles.

Not suitable for: gray surface, damaged surface, uneven surface

2.Question: Is it glass?

Answer :The mirror sticker is made of high-quality acrylic material. It is as clear and reflective as a glass mirror, but it is not sharp and fragile and will not be damaged.

3.Question: Will they damage wall when removed?

Answer: No it’s very practical and beautiful

4.Question: Is the mirror sticker easy broken?or Is the mirror sticker easy fall off?

Answer :The mirror sticker is made of Acrylic a kind of plastic, is durable will not break, is safe for kids pets.mirror sticker will not fall off easily, for longer use and is nice for decor

5.Question:Are they reusuable – can I remove after use and stick them other place?

Answer: If you tear off the sticker and stick it somewhere, it is not recommended to move it to another place. Please make sure that it is a good place before you paste it. They are really good and look great.

Buying again at a cheap price is also a good choice.

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