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Price: 21,34 - 11,74

Intimate design, just for clean life

That is amazing at how it was able to remove the stain you thought was impossible to get out.

electric spin scrubber is equipped with a powerful motor that provides to select the low spinning speed mode and the high spinning speed mode, the torque up to enables it won’t abruptly stop running when applying due pressure, effective cleaning to make sure dirt and tough stains have no chance. It will save a ton of effort scrubbing, especially on the grout.


It can work continuously for up to 80-100 minutes with only 2 hours of fast charge time. The 1800mAh battery provides ample power for scrubbing that would prevent the fast drain experienced when the device is run on high.


Creamy-white Spin Scrubber

Flat Brush/ Corner Brush

Yellow Sponge Pad(Soft)

Blue Scouring Pad (Stiff )

Charging Cord (*excluding the AC adapter)

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