Motorcycle sticker Unique personalityReflective Stickers decoration moto Decals for BMW R1200RT sign R 1200 RT

Price: 8,24 - 5,19

About the product

-This is a small logo sticker that can be pasted anywhere at will to make your motorcycle,helmets look more unique
-Color: Due to the different resolutions of the monitors, the actual colors cannot be exactly the same. There will be a small color difference. Subject to the actual color received
-Material: reflective material
-Quantity: 1 set
-Suitable for: BMW R1200RT

Know Before You Buy

1. Due to the particularity of the reflective material, the picture cannot be displayed well. The picture shows the colors you usually see. Because of the reflective material, the reflective white looks a bit like silver. If you cannot accept these silvers, you need to contact customer service to change the material or place an order to mark non-reflective materials

2. The same is true for other colors. The colors reflected at night are different from the colors you usually see. If it is not noted and customer service is not contacted, a reflective material label will be sent by default. In this case, due to the dispute caused by the color problem, you need to pay the shipping cost of the return.

3. Due to the logistics and transportation of different countries, the glue may be solidified. After receiving the sticker, you can use a hair dryer to heat and paste, the paste effect is stronger and the effect is better

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