Non-Stick Anti-Feeze Ice Cream Scoop with Unique Liquid Filled Heat Conductive Handle Simple One Piece Aluminum 1.5 and 2 Ounce

Price: 6,20 - 4,34

1:The ice-cream scoop made by high quality aluminum, the ant-freeze coating brings the non-stick property will never bend, break or discolor
uts through smoothly and effortlessly so that ice cream curls onto itself, making beautiful and well-proportioned scoops for cones, brownies, sundaes, pies and more.
Can be perfectly used in home, dessert shop, cafe, bar, restaurant and so on. Non-slip grip, very
By using this scoop you can create beautiful balls of ice cream, melon, sorbet, and many more healthy meals easily.

Made of commercial quality cast aluminum

Corrosion resistant
Measures 7 inches/18cm
Ice cream slides off nonstick surface
Do not place in dishwasher
Hand washing recommended

Please Note:
1. Our ice cream scoop is used for scooping frozen ice cream.
2. Please dip it in water before using.
3. Please don't put in the dishwasher to avoid damaging of the coating.

This ice cream spade has defrosting fluid sealed inside the handle to make scooping effortless

The perfect ice cream experience

steel blade deftly slices through the hardest ice cream with ease
ice cream spade works best in hard ice cream cutting through easily and scooping plenty. It's easier to press the spade through the hard ice cream with force and leverage. Save the round scoop for softer ice creams and to make round balls for ice cream cones.


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