Portable Ice Ball Maker Kettle Creative Ice Cube Mold 2 In 1 Multi-function Ice Cube Tray Newest Kitchen Bar Accessories Gadget

Price: 18,45 - 11,07

Use note:

When ice making is complete, please open the lid first and then stretch it to avoid product damage! You can watch the video operation!


Keep your drinks cool longer, for cocktail, iced coffee, iced tea, fruit juice, punch, water and other beverages.Great for house parties, home bars, restaurants, beaches, holiday events.Nontoxic, leak-free, this durable ice tray won't crack or break.

Easy to fill, remove and clean.The pitcher is designed to fill with water easily, with 17 hockey puck at a time.

The bottle cap and bottle body are designed with anti-loss chain,which can be disassembled flexibly and carried out more conveniently.Flat body shape, easy to take with one hand, home use or car carry, easy to receive, does not take up space.

This product is made of food grade TRITAN materials and it is easy to clean. Just pour in the warm water (not too hot) about 40 ℃, then close the lid and shake it hard to get a good clean effect.


Type: Ice Maker Kettle
Material: TritanColor: White, Pink, Grey
Size(L*W): Approx. 27.3×11.4×5.8cm

Kind tips:

1.Usually, a vulcanizing agent (a catalyst that plays an important role in the molding process) is added to the raw materials, so that the silicone product has a certain odor, so that the final product is more flexible.
Generally, most vulcanizing agents will evaporate after molding, and the residue will disappear within a few days.
(Vulcanizing agent is harmless to human health) ——–Tips for removing odor: Place the product in salt water for about half an hour, wash and dry it, and then the odor disappears.

Although silicone products have a smell, if there is no odor in the refrigerator, the final ice cubes will not have an odor.

2. Do not use metal brushes to clean these ice cube trays.
3. Keep these ice boxes away from fire sources to prevent them from being twisted.
4. Please wash and store in a dry place after use, avoid direct sunlight.
If you have any questions,please feel free to send message to me directly.

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