Unique Fake Nails Tab False Art With Glue Tips Stick-On Accessories Capsule Manicure Finger Extension AcrylicTool Sticker Gel

Price: 5,67 - 2,89

100 600 PCS  Extra-long coffin tips supplied in a bag

Colour – Clear

Size 0-9 – sizes to fit small and wide nails

120pcs/bag 10 different sizes every sizes have 10 pcs

size 7 8 9 are suitable for your pinky nail

New Acrylic plastic for amazing durability with no cracking and great flexibility

These absolutely amazing tips are perfect for everyone

Easy to apply & blend to the natural nailHow to use the false nail tips:1. First, manicure and polish your nails.2. Paint the glue to the back of fake nail tip.3. Move the nail tip from nail front and press it for 10 seconds till the tip is stick to nail.4. Cut the tip to the length that you need, then polish the edge of nail tip.

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